Receiving Encouragement Among Compassionate Hearts


What It Reach?

The ladies ministry of Kishwaukee Baptist Church

What does REACH stand for?

Receiving Encouragment Among Compasionate Hearts

Based on Jude 22 " and of some have compasion, making a difference"

What is the goal of REACH?

Our goal is to please the Lord by encouraging, serving, and reaching

out to three groups

Those within our Church body

Those outside our Church body

Those around the world through our missionaries

How do we Reach each of those groups?

*    Those within our Church body through conversation, cards, REACH

meetings, help in times of need (meals, help with house work, ect),

events that include fellowship, spiritual encouragement , serving, & fun.

*   Those outside our Church body through special events, cards

opportunities to serve them, and many outreach opportunities.

*   Our missionaries through monthly cards, e-mails, contacts. A special

Christmas gift, birthday/anniversary cards, and praying for them and

their ministry at each REACH meeting.

How do we REACH that goal?

We have divided our ladies ministry to include three main events and

three ministry focuses. All of the ladies of KBC are divided into four groups.

What are the ministries of REACH?

Fellowship- Covers any Church Fellowship that we have.

Encouragement- Sends cards of encouragement, thanks, sympathy,ect.

for those in our Church and members who are in College/military, as well as

take care of meals, hospital visits, and general encouragement to

those around us.

*   Hospitality-  Delivers welcome baskets to guest preachers, gives

welcome gifts to ladies who visit KBC, & welcomes new ladies to a REACH group.